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Mobile Office

Mobile Office

The MOBILE OFFICE of Lemesos 2030 is travelling in town, meeting its people. If you happen to bump into us, whether in the street or at some event, feel free to pass by and say hello. Upcycled and composed of found material and debris from demolished buildings, the MOBILE OFFICE of “Lemesos 2030 European Capital of Culture - Candidate City”, has been a collective endeavour of the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab, the Serious Products Lab - Department of Multimedia and Graphic Art (Cyprus University of Technology), and The Copy Shop. 

Omiros Panayides conceived the visual identity and Eva Korae ensured the mobility of the structure, which was designed by Constantinos Economides. The Copy Shop cordially printed the banners. In 2023, the Lemesos 2030 mobile office travelled around Limassol: 

📍Wine Festival

📍 Animattikon Festival  Eco-cultura Project 

📍Limassol Book Fair 

📍“Meeting the social face of my city” 

📍Weekend at the Museum. 

We literally work from any place to make sure that Lemesos earns the title of the European Capital of Culture 2030. To make it happen, we gather opinions and map the pulse of the city through your own voice. Fill in the Vibesensor questionnaire and let us know what your thoughts about the city are.

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