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10 10 100 Views on culture and the city

10 10 100 Views on culture and the city

A public consultation with 100 Limassolians took place on 18 November in the context of the bidding process for the European Capital of Culture title for 2030. 

Lemesos 2030 European Capital of Culture - Candidate City organised its first large-scale public consultation. The consultation - entitled 10 10 100 - was held with the participation of 100 citizens and residents with a remarkable diversity of capacities, ages, experiences and origins. With a common denominator of the love for Lemesos, the event aimed at co-configuring the priorities for Lemesos' bid book. 

10 10 100 was an exercise of collectivity, a thinking workshop. In 10 tables with 10 people and a facilitator, the participants, having responded to an open call, engaged face-to-face in a moderated discussion to record views, ideas and priorities for the next decade of Lemesos. 10 10 100 was the culmination of dozens of meetings held in recent months to co-create a vision for the future of Lemesos. 

The issues discussed were related to the Limassolian identity, the rapid development of the city, public space, participation in decision-making, and cultural heritage, as they have repeatedly emerged in previous meetings. The enthusiastic participation in the democratic exercise proposed by Lemesos 2030 highlighted a wealth of opinions and ideas, and confirmed the need and readiness of the residents of Lemesos to participate in the processes concerning their city. 

The event was held in cooperation with the Cyprus University of Technology. On the occasion of 10 10 100, students of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, under the guidance of professors Aspasia Papadima and Eva Korae, designed and presented a Poster and Contemporary Souvenir Exhibition. 

The collaboration with the students began in September discussing the city and having been invited to capture their own experience, narrative and opinions about Lemesos. 

Radio station ‘Kanali 6’ was also at 10 10 100 with a live broadcast, discussing with members of the team and the organisation and bringing the dynamics of the evening to listeners. 

The Lemesos 2030 and 10 10 100 team: 

Eleana Alexandrou - Artistic Director 

Diomedes Koufteros - Artistic Programme and Networking Coordinator 

Verina Gouda - Secretary and Office Administrator 

Omiros Panayides - Visual Identity Designer, Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology 

Elena Agathokleous - Co-designer of consultation plan for 10 10 100, Coordinator and Co-designer in the "Outreach" & "Trajectories" Working Groups 

Eleni Pasia - Co-designer of consultation plan for 10 10 100, Coordinator and Co-designer in the "Trajectories" Working Group 

Marina Kakoulli - Coordinator and Co-designer in the "Outreach" Working Group 

Katerina Kountouriotis - Multimedia Student Intern 

Andreas Astanios - Graphic Arts Student Intern . 

Coordinators at the 10 tables of 10 10 100: Ria Alexandrou, Sara Mariza Vryonidou, Rania Iakovou, Marina Kakoulli, Eva Korae, Dara Milovanovic, Phidias Pavlides, Marina Pashia, Konstantina Peter and Panos Hadjichristofi 

We warmly thank the professors Aspasia Papadima and Eva Korae and all the students! We warmly thank our volunteers and all those who participated! 

© Photos: Skeyi Laou, Andreas Astanios, Katerina Kountouriotis

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