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George Panayiotou

'Trajectories' Working Group Member

University Student / Author / Person with Physical Disability

I have obtained my first degree in Finance at CUT and now I am studying for my second degree in Communication and Internet studies again at CUT. In addition, as a person with disabilities, I experience difficulties and obstacles every day in terms of my movement and also in terms of the attitude of those around me towards me.

This injustice as well as the pain I feel inside are what gave me the will and the strength to publish my first work in 2020 with the title "A Different Odysseus" which is a biography and at the same time a commentary on my concerns regarding the development of our society.

I hope that with my participation in Limassol 2030 I will help create a more sustainable and accessible Limassol both for the disabled and for writers like me.

George Panayiotou
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