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Eleni Pashia

Coordinator and Collaborator in Designing Participatory Methodologies // Working Group: 'Trajectories'

Eleni Pashia has a background in Architectural Engineering and an interdisciplinary doctorate (Ph.D) in Architecture where she combined critical pedagogy with critical and feminist approaches to space.


She works in Higher Education as a teaching and research associate, as well as a specialist in the topics of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. At the same time, she is involved in the organization of events, festivals and initiatives that focus on the topics of Urban Sustainability, Environment, Peace and Culture.


In her practice she combines these topics with Design Thinking, Experiential Learning and Participatory Practices, creating unique transformative experiences.


Her goal is for individuals, groups and organisations to be able to develop more inclusive mindsets and actions, for shaping more equal environments.

Eleni Pashia
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