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Elena Agathokleous

Working Groups: 'Outreach' and 'Trajectories' // Coordinator and Collaborator in Designing Participatory Methodologies

Elena Agathokleous is perfomer, founder and artistic director of the Center of Performing Arts MITOS and the space Vinegar Factory in Limassol, since 2007. She has been curating theYard. Residency program since 2010, while she and her collaborators design and implement interdisciplinary and intercultural programs using art as a social tool.

At the same time, she is engaged in dramaturgy as a director in the field of performing arts, developing her own practices and methodologies that she applies to creative projects or educational contexts. Her artistic work focuses on contemporary reception and performativity, through the need for new narratives - especially on issues of identity, heritage, mortality and gender - while exploring the relationship between the work, the space and the spectator. 


She is a mother of two boys.

Elena Agathokleous
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