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Panayiotis Kleanthous

'Trajectories' Working Group Member

I am Panayiotis, a recent graduate with an MSc in Sustainable Finance and Accounting. My undergrad is in accounting and finance. However, activism, active citizenship, and the need to amplify and strengthen the voices of marginalised groups, together with my involvement in an environmental NGO, have led me to pursue postgraduate studies in a degree that combines Sustainable Development with Climate Finance for a just transition to sustainability.

During my studies, I was elected as a Sustainable Education Officer for the Sustainability Committee of the University Students’ Union and received the Climate Leaders Scholarship. In these roles, I was responsible for promoting sustainable actions that the students could implement in their day-to-day activities.

Simultaneously, I am interested in social and climate justice, inclusion, the just and equitable transition to sustainability, and the intersection between gender, justice, and the representation of marginalised groups.

Panayiotis Kleanthous
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