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Tonia Psylla

'Trajectories' Working Group Member

Working as a Person Centered Psychotherapist in the private sector in Limassol for the last 15 years, offering therapy to children and adults

Studied Sociology and Psychology at Sheffield University   (1974-1977). Completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the University of London (1977-1978).

Worked as an Education Welfare Officer for the Inner London Education Authorities. Completed a diploma in PERSON CENTERED PSYCHOTHERAPY at the university of Nicosia.

Worked as a teacher and director for many years, with children of preschool age in a kindergarten of alternative approach.

The kindergarten was founded on the principles of psychologist Carl Rogers (Children learn through unconditional acceptance and understanding)

Organized a Parents School, for the counseling of young Parents, meeting monthly to discuss relationship issues in the family, where support and guidance were needed.

 Offered workshops and seminars focusing on the healthy upbringing of confident, happy, creative and resilient individuals

For many years as a member of NGO, worked towards the inclusion and support of minorities immigrating to Cyprus, seeking safety and employment

Tonia Psylla
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